Weltweiter Marktführer für selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen

Weltweiter Marktführer für selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen

Partner von Winzern seit 1926

Marc and harvesting pumps H180 3C (EN)

Robust and proven by thousands of winemakers

Marc and harvesting pumps H180 3C. Crédits : ©alma-france.com 2016

From the grape harvest to wine tasting, all manipulations must be performed in the best conditions.

ALMA marc and harvesting pumps are of the screw-pump type, mounted on a undercarriage fitted with a brake.

A rotor turning in a stator in full stainless steel, conveys the harvested grape at a sonstant rate, limiting crushing without damaging the stalks.

ALMA pumps are factory-fitted with a contactor-cum-reverser with emergency stop and isolating switch, ensuring perfect safety.

Right and left sideways tilting hopper.

A stainless spherical-head quick coupling

Allows easy connection to the winery installation.

H180 3C has three-side-access hopper and a height-adjustable drawbar.

Overall size :  : L 1,63 m x W 0,75 m x H 0,72 m
Stainless hopper : 0,92 x 0,75 m
Hopper height above ground  : 0,50 m
Tilted hopper height : 0,29 m
Lift :
- Grapes  : 12 m
- Marc  : up to 8 m according to humidity
Horizontal delivery :
- Grapes 30 m and more
- Marc  : 25 m
Flow rate 20 tons in 25 m
Stator (food safe elastomer) : Ø 175 mm
Stainless rotor  : Ø 80 mm
Stainless worm Ø 160 mm
Pump rpm :  : 145 rpm
Pump outlet (spherical-head quick coupling)  : Ø 120 mm
Geared motor, three-phase 220/380 V : 7,5 hp
Empty weight  :190 kg :