No. 1 in the world for self-propelled grape harvesting machines

No. 1 in the world for self-propelled grape harvesting machines

Supporting winegrowers since 1926


Company Alma, a family saga…

In 1922, Louis Arnaud succeeds three generations of blacksmiths and farming toolmakers and specializes in agricultural equipment repairs.

A family saga

As early as 1926, Louis Arnaud is eager to diversify his activities and chooses to start manufacturing animal-drawn ploughs for the local vineyards, and creates the ALMA logo, which stands for “Arnaud Louis Machines Agricoles”. In 1930, he develops the sales of a whole array of agricultural machines, from reaping to sowing machines, including reaper-binders and even tractors from 1935. From 1946, Louis Arnaud starts manufacturing articulated harrows and tyre-fitted carts, soon to be replaced by trailers and tipping trailers upon the massive arrival of multifunction agricultural tractors. In 1958, Louis’ two sons Lucien and André succeed their father and move the factory to the outskirts of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, on a one-acre property.

The industrial turning point

In 1970, ALMA decides to drop its trading activities and concentrate on the sole manufacturing of trailers, manure-spreaders and pickup-crushers.

This requires extra land for expansion and in 1972, ALMA builds a new factory on a 2.5 hectares site in the new Industrial Zone of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux.

With the development of the tractor-towed grape-harvester starting in 1976-77, this site becomes the new ALMA Head Office.

Year 1980 sees the start of large scale production of grape harvesters. From 1981, ALMA diversifies its production, anxious to widen its product range, mainly into stainless steel accessories for grape products transfer, then from 1982, in the production of wine-transfer pumps and must-pumps.

In 1987, André’s children: Didier, Véronique and Laurent take over ALMA’s operations and management.

In 2016, our company boasts a fleet of more than 5500 grape picking machines.  We supply to most wine-growing countries in the world and export more than 66% of our products.

ALMA is the world leader for tractor-towed harvesters and is well placed for its self-propelled multifunction harvesters.

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