No. 1 in the world for self-propelled grape harvesting machines

No. 1 in the world for self-propelled grape harvesting machines

Supporting winegrowers since 1926

Self-propelled A90-130-170

Polyvalents or compacts

A90-130-170. Crédits : © 2016

Their quality, both in design and production, and their advanced technological ensure efficiency and reliability.

It has the advantage of all our experience. It offers machines of the highest level in terms of forward movement, manoeuvrability, comfort and design...

The main new features are a more spacious and comfortable cabin, access by ladder and safe catwalk and wider high rate conveyers.

There is still the articulated double chassis for automatic guidance.

The harvest quality requirements are guaranteed by double cleaning, vertical shaft lower suction pipes and belt upper suction pipes.

Investing in an ALMA SELF-PROPELLING MACHINE gives a combination of effiency, know-how and low maintenance costs.

Rear view

• The “VCR” (constant vibration during
the harvest) shaking ensures high performance
progress whilst preserving the vegetation.
• It demands only a low shaking frequency
(380 to 420 shakes per minute).
• It comprises two main components
(control arm and shakers).
Very wide buckets, like the conveyers, mounted
on two gear chains, give whole grains, resistance
to foreign bodies and lower maintenance costs.

Invented by ALMA in 1984

The ALMA acceptance plan, made up of bolted scales, long and flexible, guarantees perfect sealing and preserves yield rates.

Driving pleasure

The dashboard groups all the driving components, and allows night work by its back lighting – ensuring instant legibility.