No. 1 in the world for self-propelled grape harvesting machines

No. 1 in the world for self-propelled grape harvesting machines

Supporting winegrowers since 1926

Trailed harvester Sélecta 2

The Sélecta

Sélecta 2. Crdits : © 2016

La Sélecta, NUMBER ONE on the market, with 800 machines in service, is performing even better.

Cleaner harvesting by vertical shaft lower extractors,
Greater grain tank capacity,

> SELECTA L width 24 HL,
> SELECTA XL width 30 HL,

High elevation 700 mm,

Compact but complete control unit.

In continuity with the ALMA spirit:

More ruggedness and simplicity,
Less servicing and production cost.

Front view

a • Automatic guiding.
b • Prolonged harvesting
area shaking.
- Advance performance as
the vegetation is preserved.
- Low shaking frequency
(380 to 420 shakes per minute).
- Combination of two components
for low servicing costs (shakers and
control arm).
c • Integral canal, isolating the harvesting
zone from the rest of the machine.

Flat lower extractors

Vertical shafts fitted with shredders reinforce the cleaning and increase progress and yield performance.
In addition to the ESF (upper leaf extractors) standard fitted.

Sorting and cleaning central unit

It can replace the ESF in case of high yield and when optimised cleaning is sought.
It allows:
• Firstly to sort the grains falling into the grain tanks.
• Secondly to suck up the last impurities.
Optional extra: centralised lubrication.

Rear view of the machine

a • Control unit in front of and behind the conveyers.
b • Two working headlights (front and rear) for night harvesting.
c • Rear flow regulator, for lower and upper extractors.
d • Optional extra: Centralised lubrication
- lower part,
- upper part.

Bucket noria

- Hydraulic drive.
- Variable speed chains and sprockets in stainless steel integral conveyers.
- Sound alarm.
- Front and rear control.
These bucket conveyers give whole grains without foreign bodies.

Sampling plan

The flexible scale rails, bolted, and very long, guarantee perfect sealing and keep you yield up.

Control unit

Easy to install because of its compactness. Its ergonomic handle gives perfect driving control.


Tractor type: 4 cylinders, with wheels or tracks
Electricity: 12V DC


Type:Independent hydraulic central unit on tractor P.T.O.
Reinforced wheel engine: Slow engine type, 630 and 800 cc
Steep slope wheel engine: Slow engine type + reduction gears,
1,360 and 1,400 cc
Power: Rapid adjustment variable, user controlled
Forward and reverse:Controlled by impulses on joystick or all the time, by
switch on control unit
Oil reservoir: 100 litres
Steep slope slowing: User holding adjustment
Steering lock: Right and left, 90°
Tyres:320/70 R20


Type: Compact unit, with armrest
Connection: 1 Ø17 mm cable to go from the unit to the machine
- rear lighting shaking counter
- general supply warning light
- front or rear continuous driveability switch
- emergency stop switch
- shaking proportional adjustment switch
- driveability power adjustment switch
- grain tank control switches
- working lights control switch
- noria extractor switch
- sorting and cleaning central unit switch
- Joystick controlling:
shaking on and off
right and left super-elevation correction
seating correction
manual guiding
driveability by impulse


Max. elevation:.700 mm
Max. super-elevation correction:.34 %


Guiding: Variable speed right and left hydraulic offset
Travel: 1 metre stop to stop


Conveyers: .Adjustable hydraulically controlled
.bucket noria in stainless steel conveyer
Conveyer safety:Forward and reverse norias,
with sound alarm
Grain tanks:
Selecta L - 24 HL: 2 x 1200 litres, with equalising screws
Selecta XL - 30 HL: 2 x 1500 litres, with equalising screws
Shaking:Type ZRP, 10 shakers
Amplitude adjustment:3 positions
Toe-in adjustment: .Multi positions
Shaking frequency: Adjustable from the control unit,
.with rear lighting viewing screenon
Cleaning: .2 flat lower extractors,
.2 separately controlled upper extractors
Sealing:.Flexible scale rails, adjustable inclination,
length 2m 40


Sélecta L / Sélecta XL
Track: 1.88 m / 2.08 m.
Overall width: 2.20 m / 2.45 m.
Height: 2.75 m / 2.75 m.
Spillage height: 2.80 m /2.80 m.


Sorting and cleaning central unit.
Centralised lubrication.
Rear control unit.

Certified equipment